Billings Last Diet

A Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Program

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Billings Last Diet

Lose up to 3-7 pounds of fat per week!


  • • Supervised by Dr. Dale W. Williams
  • • Burns Fat 24/7                           
  • • Trained and Experienced Diet Coaches
  • YOUR LAST DIET – with lasting results
  • • Over 50 different foods                  
  • • State of the art body analysis

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Learn how you can lose an

average of 3-7 pounds per week!

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Testimonials from Billings, MT

ABBEY B. – 42.2 lbs., 26 inches, 9.5% body fat

JUSTIN L. – 56.2 lbs., 19.75 inches, 7.2% body fat


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Dr. Dale W. Williams

explains how Billings

Last Diet works in

these informative videos.


One-on-one Service and Professional Support

  • Weight & Measurement Progress Analysis
  • Learn valuable nutritional information to ensure you keep the pounds off and enjoy the renewed skin, body shape, health and energy level you deserve
  • Exclusively Available from Accredited Ideal Protein Healthcare Professionals
  • Dedicated Coaches provide Weekly Support Sessions and Nutrition Education